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Save space and time with this high performance washer dryer from Bosch. Packed full of technology and features, the WVH28360GB will breeze through your laundry in no time.

Wash and Dry in One Cycle

Don’t have clean, wet clothes sitting in your washing machine waiting for you to come home – with this washer dryer you can clean and dry your laundry in one go, without having to load it into a separate machine or hang it out on the line.

With a 7 kg washing capacity, large enough for around 35 t-shirts, and a drying capacity of 4 kg, the WVH28360GB will power through the washing in next to no time.

Change multiple settings to customise the wash cycle, using the large LED display and touch button controls. Variable temperature, spin and drying time settings allow you to create the ideal cycle for your load. The display also indicates the current stage and remaining time of the cycle, so you know exactly when your laundry will be finished.

Programmes for Perfection

Pick from 16 useful programmes to suit your laundry. Special programmes, including sportswear, delicate and mixed load, ensure your clothes get the perfect wash.

The WVH28360GB also features Super Quick 15 and Wash & Dry 60 programmes for when you need your favourite shirt or dress in a hurry.

Technologically Advanced

Get the level of dryness you need with the Autodry feature. Advanced sensors monitor the moisture in the drum and automatically stop the washer dryer when your laundry is dry – protecting your clothes and saving electricity.

The SoftSurge™ drum has large asymmetric paddles and a unique structure that is steep on one side, for powerful washing of heavy items, and shallow on the other. The shallow side and the raindrop motif imprinted on the drum look after your clothes by delivering a gentle wash.

Save water with the 3D Aquaspa and ActiveWater systems. These provide an intensive clean while ensuring the exact amount of water needed is used for each wash.

Buy the Bosch WVH28360GB today and make overflowing washing baskets a thing of the past.