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2 Year Warranty


A wide range of programmes and efficient heat pump technology make this tumble dryer friendly to both your clothes and your wallet.

Large Capacity

Say goodbye to hanging your damp washing all over the house thanks to the 7 kg capacity of this Smeg tumble dryer. The large capacity allows you to dry the equivalent of 35 t-shirts, or a double duvet, in one go.

In addition, the extra-large 34 cm porthole makes loading and unloading bulky items, such as towels, bed sheets and duvets, hassle free.

Heat Pump Technology

As a condenser dryer, the DHT71EUK_1 can be placed anywhere in your home, without the need to install a vent or hang a hose out the window. The dryer turns water vapour from the wet clothes back into liquid, which is then stored in the water tank. The tank is located in the drawer at the front of the dryer, making it easy to empty.

The DHT71EUK_1 also uses heat pump technology to reheat and re-circulate the warm air through the machine. This makes the dryer significantly more energy efficient compared to other models – looking after the environment and your bills.


With a choice of 16 programmes, including a number of specialist cycles, your washing will be dry in no time.

Clever sensor drying allows you to simply select the desired level of dryness and press start - the dryer will stop automatically when it reaches that level. With various drying levels to choose from, such as iron dry, cupboard dry and extra dry, this function will stop your clothes being damaged due to over drying. 

The five specialist programmes change the tumble speed or running time depending on the load to ensure your clothes are handled gently.

Little Extras

A large LED display shows you how much time the cycle has remaining and when you need to empty the water tank or clean the filter. It also allows you to set the 24 hour delay timer to postpone the start of the cycle to fit in with your schedule. 

Keep missing that sock or pair of pants when you’re emptying the dryer? The internal drum light featured on this model means you can see everything clearly, to stop this happening.

With sensor drying and various programmes, this Smeg freestanding condenser dryer makes finishing your laundry hassle free.


Energy Rating A+
Drying Technology Heat Pump
Drying Load 7 kg
Number of Wash Programmes 16
Operating Mode Cottons Iron DryCottons Cupboard DryCottons Cupbard Dry PlusCottons Extra DrySynthetics Iron DrySynthetics Cupboard DryDelicatesFreshen Up45 min30 minShirts,SportBabyExpressDailyJeans
Colour White
Material Stainless Steel Drum
Height 84.6 cm
Width 59.5 cm
Depth 54 cm
Weight 48.50 kg
Limited Warranty 1 Year